Our Sustainability Policy

Lithos is committed to promoting a culture of sustainability within both the work environment and in the professional services we provide. Appreciation of the challenges and a desire to improve and promote improved sustainability throughout the business is integral to the activities and management of the organisation.

We support the concept described in the report of the Brundtland Commission ‘Our Common Future’, which stated: ‘Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’.

We aim to follow and promote good sustainability practice adopting where practicable selected appropriate and relevant objectives based on the UN Sustainability Goals. In doing so, we aim to address the three pillars of sustainability (Social, Environmental, Economic – also referred to as People, Planet and Profits).  We believe, this can be achieved by aiming to reduce the environmental impact of our activities, increasing the social benefits to our staff, stakeholders and the public and providing ‘value for money’ in our activities, whilst promoting a similar recognition and ambition within our clients and supply chain.

To achieve these ambitions, through our behaviours, practises and procedures we will:

  • Comply with applicable regulations & codes of practise
  • Recommend sustainable technical solutions within our professional services to maintain & improve soil & groundwater quality & control ground gas emissions
  • Integrate sustainability into our commercial and technical decisions
  • Aim to make our staff, clients & supply chain aware of our policy & commitment & encourage adoption of similar policies
  • Calculate and monitor our carbon footprint per capita
  • Implement sustainable procurement where practicable
  • Adopt, encourage and support sustainable travel options where practical
  • Operate waste recycling & minimisation within our activities
  • Minimise our energy & water usage
  • Create a safe, nurturing & equitable place of work
  • Promote good health & wellbeing within the company
  • Commit to inclusivity, diversity & gender balance within the company & recruitment procedures
  • Encourage & support our employees to engage with the community through volunteering & other charitable endeavours
  • Operate an anti-bribery & anti-slavery policy
  • Review this policy on at least an annual basis and revise it as required 

Our Sustainability Statement

Our Sustainability Statement sets out how we aim to achieve our company Values, whilst having the most positive impact possible on our environment, our community and the people who work for us.

Our environmental performance in 2020

We have evaluated our environmental performance in 2020 and set environmental targets for the future.